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/// HORST 2020 ///
HORST is an annual exhibition and festival in Belgium situated at the intersection of architecture, music and visual art. In 2020 we worked with HORST to create an arts performance venue + restaurant as part of their 'Almost Together' programme. In an open-roof warehouse on a former military base in Vilvoorde we built a central water feature that was adaptable for the summer programme of events including restaurant dining, workshops, opera and sleeping concerts. We used reclaimed tiles from a past stage, and planted greenery with the view that it will continue to grow over the coming years.

Press: CementResident AdvisorDeMorgen, HLN 
Image Credits: Oli Brenner [render] Illias Teirlinck +
Noa Stulens [photography]
/// WAKING LIFE 2019///
Waking Life is an annual music and arts festival in Crato, Portugal. The main festival sites are on opposite sides of the lake, and there was no way to travel between them but on foot. Our design incorporated a main structure anchored in the centre of the lake and two smaller rafts that acted as ferries to the shore. The small window seat and chimney rafts were designed to be functional both in isolation of the main raft and as a whole ‘house’ when joined. Festival goers were incentivised to work together to operate the pulley system repeatedly assembling and disassembling the house to cross the lake. At night, the structure was locked together and lit. We designed the slatted woodwork and translucent fabric to create a permeable calm space during the day and a lantern effect at night.  

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